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[合成器] 真正前所未有的方式直观地分层声音的能力Wave Alchemy – TRIAZ (KONTAKT)

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支持系统:WIN(32位) WIN(64位) MAC(苹果) 
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Imagine instant access to the greatest ever made drum libraries. The ability to intuitively layer sounds in a new, truly unprecedented way. Have an uncanny way of ordering beats. How about generating new ideas instantly? Or the ability to create drums equal to the best in the world – right out of the box.


TRIAZ is a forward-thinking drum machine driven by a diverse and creative library of completely new modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion and sound design instruments; Consists of over 10,000 samples and 600+ instantly playable presets created using an extraordinary array of drum machines, acoustic drums and percussion, modular synths, sounds, studio instruments, Foley and more.


TRIAZ offers a powerful 3-level drum engine with an attractive interface and a creative user workflow. Polyrhythmic, organic drum sequencing allows you to create true swing and groove beats that are never repeated the same way.


The extensive sound design options, linked or per layer, are powerful and optimized for a lightning-fast workflow. Tag-based dynamic sample preview, drag-and-drop sample import, creative kit randomization and powerful effects system provide an unrivaled workflow for modern drum production.


Drums, a new definition


The TRIAZ sound engine combines beautifully designed electronic drums and acoustic instruments in a new way. A labor of love with a deep level of detail, made by producers for producers.


The included sound library is undoubtedly our best drum collection to date, spanning 3 years and thousands of hours of sound design; Combining modern electronic drums, creative sound design, Found Sounds & Foley, he designed acoustic drums, rare drum machines, powerful modular synthesizers, live percussion and ethnic drums, hammers and sticks, epic cinematic percussion and much more.

包含的声音库无疑是我们迄今为止最好的鼓收藏,跨越3年和数千小时的声音设计;结合现代电子鼓、创造性声音设计、Found Sounds&Foley,他设计了原声鼓、稀有鼓机、强大的模块化合成器、现场打击乐器和民族鼓、锤子和棍棒、史诗电影打击乐器等。

All drums have been recorded and developed in the most respected recording studios in the world using only high quality analog processing and mastering level conversion. To top it off, you have access to each sound as a WAV file to use it however you like. Unlike other tools, there is nothing hidden behind the proprietary formats.


TRIAZ supplies every drum sample you will ever need. No subscription required.


Instant Cheat Code for Modern Drums


Take your drums to the next level with over 600 beautifully crafted, production-ready presets covering all modern genres, designed by world-class sound engineers.


You won’t find the typical, outdated 2-bar sequences here, the emphasis is on evolution, ready-made beats for organic production that instantly awaken creativity and fit into any contemporary record.


Generate endless ideas instantly. Creative randomization capabilities let you create new drum kits at the touch of a button – select a preset and instantly change it to something completely new and immediately usable.


TRIAZ offers the best drum loops you’ve ever heard (these aren’t drum loops!). Don’t take our word for it, listen to the audio on the left. ALL drums are taken directly from the TRIAZ preset library. Out of the box.


Consistency like never before


Arrange, randomize and repeat your loop with the expressive TRIAZ polyrhythmic sequencer. Each timbre can be sequenced independently with its own playback speed and step length; providing all the tools you need to easily create modern drum patterns.


Each step goes beyond the standard velocity sequence, including note repetition / stutter, probabilistic chance, and start offset. Global randomization can be instantly incorporated into the sequencer’s groove to make your drums more human.


Reimagine everything from full-length drum patterns, short loops and fills to unconventional beats, complex, evolving polyrhythms and impressive organic beats. Easily navigate and return to the grid and export as MIDI to your DAW when you’re done.


Next Level


Drum Layering Drum layering is critical in today’s music production, and TRIAZ makes the process easy and fun. Intuitively mix multiple drums with TRIAZ’s unprecedented layering mechanism and XY Pad for instant results that sound flawless every time. Experience not dated by other drum software or hardware.


Easily browse and dynamically load any of the 10,000 TRIAZ drums (or import your own!) Into any of its 12 Voices or 3 Layers using a dynamic tag browser. Go further with extensive sound design options; filters, envelopes, reverse, LFOs, tone shaping controls, modulation, effects, and more. Per Layer …


Want to mix a gritty acoustic snare drum with modern folded pops and velocity sensitive vinyl noise? How about layering tape saturated with an 808 sub, marimba transient and chopped acoustic bass drum body? Or stack 3 cymbals for a powerful unison sound? Anything is possible, we caught you!


Get creative


The custom effects section boasts 5 insert effects for each voice, as well as 5 master effects and 3 send effects.


Immerse yourself in a breathtaking suite of high quality effects and dynamics pro


Bring sounds to oblivion with analog-style delay, enhance tone and character with compressors, EQ and transient shaping. Want to ruin the situation even further? Try TRIAZ’s unique Shaper section to introduce variable noise (vinyl noise, tape hiss, cassette tape, etc.), Tape Saturation and more …


》 Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX formats. TRIAZ is powered by Native Instruments’ FREE contact player. The full version of Kontakt is NOT required

有独立、VST、AU和AAX格式。TRIAZ由Native Instruments的自由接触播放器提供动力。不需要Kontakt的完整版本

》 Brand new engine built entirely from scratch to ensure multiple instances and efficient use of CPU and RAM in any system


》 Innovative Drum Engine driven by a diverse library of completely new modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion and sound design tools


》 600+ beautifully designed ready-made presets for modern music


》 Intuitively lay out drums in a new, truly unprecedented way using the visual XY Pad


》 Expressive 32-step polyrhythmic sequencer with independent playback speed and step length. Per Lane


》 Humanize the variable groove and organically vary your beat movement with Sequencer Slop


》Sequencer note repeat / stutter, probability chance and start offset. In one step


》 Import your own samples using Drag + Drop


》 Creative randomization functions let you create new drum kits with the click of a button – select a preset and instantly change it to something completely new and immediately usable.


》 Create drums that sound as good, if not better, than on hit records – instantly, right out of the box.


》 Browser dynamic sound source with an intuitive system of tags and favorites


》 Extensive sound design options; filters, envelopes, reverse, LFOs, tone shaping controls, modulation, effects, and more. Per Layer


》 Processing of FX channels and master bus with high quality compression, master EQ, creative noise engine and tape simulation


》 Creative Analogue Slop controls simulate the random behavior and character inherent in analog instruments. Available at


》 Play any sound in the 2 octave pitch range to create musical percussion beats, tone tom inserts or anything in between


》 A set of stunning effects; plate reverb, analog-style delay and 40 high quality customizable reverb pulses from in-demand reverbs and living spaces


》 MIDI drag-and-drop sequencer patterns right into your DAW


》 Multi-output support


》 Sequencer Host Sync and on-screen transport controls


》 Master bus processing with compression, master EQ and tape simulation


》 Dedicated visual mixer with individual volume control, panning and effects for each timbre.


》 Host automation for all important sound design parameters


》 Full integration with your DAW


》 NKS Ready


》 Supports Mac OS X 10.13 (or newer) and Windows 7 (or newer)

支持Mac OS X 10.13(或更新版本)和Windows 7(或更新版本)

》 Works in Kontakt Free Player or Kontakt version 6.6 (or higher)

》适用于Kontakt Free Player或Kontakt 6.6版(或更高版本)

》 3GB after unpacking





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