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[综合效果器套装] 音频循环带有渲染和循环填充控件MAAT–Digital Bundle 2021.12STANDALONE, VST, VS...

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插件格式:VST VST3 AAX 
支持系统:WIN(32位) WIN(64位) 
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SIZE 2BC multiCORR v2.2.4
SIZE DRMer MkII v2.2.2
SIZE DROffline MkII v2.2.3
SIZE LINpro v4.1.1
SIZE MtG v2.2.4
SIZE RSPhaseShifter v2.2.4
SIZE SantaCruzEQ v2.2.0
SIZE thEQ 1.0
SIZE thEQorange v2.2.0
SIZE thEQred v1.2.0

Optimizing workflows for spoken word, audio for picture, podcast and broadcast, MtG automatically fills in gaps of any length in edited tracks. This plugin provides smooth audio looping with controls for rendering and looping fills, as well as gain controls to easily integrate looped audio into your footage.


Use MtG to speed up your musical ambiance, foley, and of course radio and television audio; wherever continuous repetitive audio is required. A cross-platform plug-in, MtG works in your favorite DAW at any sample rate you need. For radio, TV and podcasting use 44.1 or 48k. For gaming audio, cinematic production, or where clarity and resolution are paramount, MtG handles up to 384 kHz with ease.

使用MtG加速你的音乐氛围,福利,当然还有广播和电视音频;需要连续重复音频的地方。作为一个跨平台插件,MtG可以在您喜欢的DAW中以您需要的任何采样率工作。对于广播、电视和播客,使用44.1或48k。对于游戏音频、电影制作或清晰度和分辨率至关重要的地方,MtG可轻松处理高达384 kHz的音频。

Not all DAWs behave the same, and MtG knows it. It includes precautions to let you know if your DAW isn’t ready to work well with MtG, reducing errors and frustration. MtG also includes zoom controls to quickly identify any inaudible and objectionable material that you might want to remove from your loupe.


MAAT – RSPhaseShifter


Analog Soul, Digital Heart. The only official digital implementation of the pure analog hardware for the W2324 phaser from Roger Schult / German Audio Lab.

模拟灵魂,数字心脏。Roger Schult/德国音频实验室为W2324移相器提供的唯一官方纯模拟硬件数字实现。

The plugin provides a quick, convenient and musical means of aligning the individual elements of a mix for the best possible result. RSPhaseShifter is great for any situation where you need to control key, energy spectrum and harmonic content through phase shift keying. Post-production, mastering, external equipment compensation, film re-recording, live performance, sound amplification, as well as content creation for games and virtual reality – all this makes it possible to have


RSPhaseShifter at your fingertips.


RSPhaseShifter was co-created with Roger Schult / German Audio Lab and is a painstaking 64-bit digital implementation of Schult’s robust Schult Phase Shifter W2324 analog hardware. When multiple sources complement each other, RSPhaseShifter should be your choice for a fast, intuitive, easy to use and effective tool.

RSPhaseShifter是与Roger Schult/德国音频实验室共同创建的,是Schult强大的Schult移相器W2324模拟硬件的64位数字实现。当多个源相互补充时,RSPhaseShifter应该是您快速、直观、易于使用和有效的工具的选择。

MAAT – SantaCruzEQ


Parametric Equalizer


Equalizer is perhaps the oldest and most popular of all sound processing tools. From the earliest days, the main function has been to correct or enhance by increasing or decreasing certain frequencies.


Over the course of a century, engineers have developed countless equalizers. Few have become legends, our thOQorange is one. The most popular version for recording and recording is the Parametric Equalizer, or PEQ, pioneered by Massenburg in 1972. It offers maximum flexibility with just three controls. Used correctly, PEQ is a powerful tool and every audio engineer’s best friend in their quest for the perfect sound. However, as Spidey (and Voltaire) always remind us, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Crafted by a goofy or limited-cost software engineer, it could be your greatest sonic enemy.


Why develop yet another Parametric Equalizer (PEQ) when there are hundreds on the market? The answer is simple … Because there is room for improvement! It was the original LinearPhase PEQ Red and Orange customers who asked Algorithmix to develop a classic EQ for recording and mixing tasks with unmatched clarity and transparency. Over the years, our Doc Christophe has carefully analyzed many of the best and amassed a vast knowledge base of analog EQ best practices. Based on this, he implemented not one or two, but a whole collection of equalizers. Result? A quintessential analogue predecessor based on new ideas. We know you will find your favorite sound.

当市场上有数百个参数均衡器时,为什么还要开发另一个参数均衡器(PEQ)?答案很简单…因为还有改进的空间!最初的LinearPase PEQ Red and Orange客户要求Algorithmix开发一款经典的EQ,用于录制和混合任务,其清晰度和透明度无与伦比。多年来,我们的Christophe博士仔细分析了许多最佳实践,积累了大量模拟EQ最佳实践的知识基础。基于此,他实现的不是一两个均衡器,而是一整套均衡器。后果基于新思想的典型模拟前辈。我们知道你会找到你最喜欢的声音。

We wanted to take analog to another level, so we’ve developed many respected hardware EQs, creating idealized digital versions based on this inspiration. Unlike models or simulations that carry analog baggage, the SantaCruzEQ has no noise, distortion, or other secondary effects inherited from analog.


SantaCruzEQ12 is the most complete collection of classic EQ architectures ever packaged in one package. You will get precise, idealized examples of the legendary analog EQ circuit, complemented by progressive new models. Whether vintage, modern, or experimental, SantaCruzEQ is an audio sandbox that every mixing and mastering engineer can tinker with.


MAAT – thEQblue


ThEQblue builds on the revolutionary foundation of Algorithmix’s classic PEQ Blue, maintaining a benchmark for the 21st century. thEQblue is a set of twelve Minimum Phase EQ architectures, each using 80-bit internal floating point precision. We’ve designed many respected hardware EQs, creating idealized digital versions based on this inspiration. Instead of models or simulations that carry analog baggage, thEQblue has no noise, distortion, or other secondary effects inherited from analog.


MAAT – thEQorange


When cleanliness is



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音频循环带有渲染和循环填充控件MAAT–Digital Bundle 2021.12STANDALONE, VST, VS
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