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[动态处理/压缩器/EQ] 带有音频监视功能的多波段EQ效果器maat digital 2bc multicorr [win]

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插件格式:VST VST3 AAX 
支持系统:WIN(32位) WIN(64位) 
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2BC multiCORR is a multiband correlation with integral monitor control. Stay on top of correlation, across the spectrum. A multiband correlation meter with essential metering and monitoring functions.

2BC multiCORR是一种带积分监视器控制的多波段相关器。在整个光谱范围内,保持相关性。具有基本计量和监测功能的多波段相关仪。

can you relate?


Why the heck do you need a multiband correlation meter? It’s simply that a regular stereo correlation meter doesn′t identify specific trouble spots. If your fat kick and bass is mono, it’s mostly correlated so a stereo correlation meter would show that everything is O.K. while your strings, hi–hat, or vocals are cancelling out! 2BC multiCORR combines the useful and beloved functions of our free 2BusControl monitor controller plug–in with a carefully designed, third octave multiband correlation meter. Our multiband approach warns you not to overdo stereo spread with your fancy spreading tool, or when your stereo mics are delivering a signal with too much out–of–phase content. Either way, you’d get cancellation when your mix is summed to mono.

你为什么需要多波段相关仪?简单地说,常规的立体相关仪无法识别特定的故障点。如果你的胖腿和低音是单声道的,它大部分是相关的,所以立体声相关仪会显示一切正常,而你的弦乐、hi-hat或人声都会消失!2BC multiCORR将我们免费的2BuControl monitor控制器插件的有用和受欢迎的功能与精心设计的第三倍频程多波段相关仪结合在一起。我们的多波段方法警告您不要使用花哨的扩频工具进行过多的立体声扩频,或者当您的立体声麦克风传送的信号含有过多的异相内容时。无论哪种方式,当你的混音被加成单声道时,你都会被取消。

Correlation measures the degree of relatedness between left and right channel. If they’re alike, that’s mono, and they will have perfect correlation. Stereo noise is decorrelated, with no similarity between channels. Stereo music should be more like the former, with a bit of “stereoness” to create a soundstage, whereas convincing, diffuse reverb should have lower inter–channel correlation. When content is present in one channel, and an inverted phase version is in the other channel, that sums to zero in mono and the audio disappears.


unobtrusive power


2BC multiCORR’s powerful features hide behind its clean and simple UI. We’ve brought essential functionality and innovative user interface design to what used to be an unremarkable product category. With five monitoring modes, an ergonomic and deceptively simple interface, highly tuned correlation metering over thirty one bands plus stereo balance and correlation, you’ve got to try 2BC multiCORR for yourself.

2BC multiCORR的强大功能隐藏在其简洁的用户界面背后。我们将基本功能和创新的用户界面设计带到了过去不起眼的产品类别中。有五种监控模式,一个符合人体工程学且看似简单的界面,31个波段的高度调谐相关测光,加上立体声平衡和相关,你必须自己尝试2BC multiCORR。

better by design


Most correlation meters use a cosine scale, derived from old analog meters, while 2BC multiCORR employs a trueLinear™ scale. This linear scale better matches your perception. As with all of MAAT’s products, 2BCmC follows our guidelines of creating meaningful tools for modern engineers.

大多数相关仪表使用从旧的模拟仪表派生的余弦标度,而2BC multiCORR则使用真正的线性标度™ 规模这种线性尺度更符合你的感知。与MAAT的所有产品一样,2BCmC遵循我们为现代工程师创建有意义工具的指导方针。



2BC multiCORR combines essential metering and monitor controls with a 31 band correlation meter group.

2BC multiCORR将基本计量和监控控制与31波段相关仪表组相结合。



31 bands of correlation with carefully chosen center frequencies


Exclusive trueLinear™ scale for higher precision with visuals that match your perception

独家trueLinear™ 通过与您的感知相匹配的视觉效果实现更高精度的缩放

Stereo Balance and Correlation


Five essential monitor controls: Left–Only, Right–Only, Mono (L+R), Diff (L-R) and Flip


Collapsable UI lets you see only what you need




Includes a native version that runs in standalone mode, great for dedicated metering


Plug–in runs on all major DAWs: AAX, AU, VST 2 & VST 3

插件在所有主要DAW上运行:AAX、AU、VST 2和VST 3



2BC multiCORR is a general purpose tool for both production and post. Use its powerful metering and monitor controls for:

2BC multiCORR是一种通用工具,可用于生产和发布。使用其强大的计量和监控控件:

Tracking and Mixing


Mastering and Remastering


Sound & EFX Libraries


Radio & Television Production & Broadcast


Identifying Problem Elements; EFX, panning, widening or frequency ranges that may compromise playback or downstream processes


Verifying: balance, panning, super stereo processing and other creative decisions




2BC multiCORR slots into all modern workflows:

所有现代工作流中的2BC multiCORR插槽:

Supports LPCM sample rates up to 384k for DSD and high–end postproduction


All standard formats: AU, VST 2 and 3, AAX

所有标准格式:AU、VST 2和3、AAX

Compatible with macOS and Windows


Low fatigue visual design


Resizable user interface for every screen resolution


the low down


If your material is destined for LP distribution, keep in mind that lacquer cutting has difficulty with large amplitude, out–of–phase information at very low frequencies. 2BC multiCORR provides four bands of analysis for the critical bottom octave, six additional bands of metering covering frequencies up to 200 Hz, plus three additional band for the 200 to 400 Hz range.

如果您的材料将用于LP分布,请记住,在极低的频率下,漆器切割难以处理大振幅、异相信息。2BC multiCORR为临界底部倍频程提供了四个分析频带,另外六个测量频带覆盖频率高达200 Hz,另外三个频带覆盖200至400 Hz范围。

Other than vinyl, why should you care about mono? Monaural playback is more prevalent than ever, with the rise of battery–powered, hand held party speakers and the seemingly ubiquitous “smart speaker.” Don’t forget that Center Channel speaker in a surround setup…Though a product may advertise stereo playback, the simply fact is that size matters. At low frequencies, playback from any single point, diminutive device is essentially monaural. Also, small sources usually cannot reproduce the bottom octave at all and many begin to roll off below 100 Hz. So make sure to maximize the appropriate amount of LF energy for the material you’re working on.

除了乙烯基,你为什么要关心单声道?随着电池供电的手持式派对扬声器和看似无处不在的“智能扬声器”的兴起,单声道播放比以往任何时候都更加流行别忘了环绕立体声系统中的中央声道扬声器……尽管产品可能会宣传立体声播放,但简单的事实是尺寸很重要。在低频率下,从任何单点播放的小型设备基本上都是单声道的。此外,小音源通常根本无法再现底部倍频程,许多音源开始在100 Hz以下衰减。因此,请确保最大限度地为材料的低频能量适当的工作。

not just correlation


2BC multiCORR isn’t just multiband correlation. It also includes a left/right balance meter, a broadband left/right correlation meter, plus five monitor controls allowing you to focus on any issues you may come across.


With a single button, you can switch to Left–Only or Right–Only, Mono (L+R) or Difference (L-R). The fifth monitor control, FLIP,




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