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[键盘乐器] IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X 1.3.3 STANDALONE,VSTi,VSTi3,AAX,AUi 管风琴音源



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Hammond B-3X, an innovative virtual organ with a phonic wheel, will bring you an unprecedented level of detail and realism. Created in close collaboration with the Hammond Organ Company of Chicago, Illinois, and the Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg of Hamamatsu, Japan, the Hammond B-3X is a digital replica of the legendary Hammond B-3. This is the result of an integrated approach that has no analogues in the computer world.


IK has combined breakthrough sound with a full effects chain in the rig, including stompboxes, a full Leslie ™ rotary cabinet with plenty of microphones, a wide selection of complete amps and cabinet models, a parallel guitar amp with 4×12 cabinet, a full mixer, and even post-mixing effects – all in order to fully recreate the entire signal path and give you full control and editing of your sound.

IK结合了突破性的声音和全效果链的钻机,包括stompboxes,一个完整的莱斯利™ 旋转式音箱配有大量麦克风、多种全套放大器和音箱型号,一个平行吉他放大器配有4个×12柜,全混音器,甚至后期混音效果-所有这些都是为了完全重建整个信号路径,让您完全控制和编辑您的声音。

It’s all about the little things – In true style of the modeled IK instruments, the Hammond B-3X replicates the work of the original body organ. The B-3X features 91 moveable tone wheels based on a carefully copied Hammond mechanism and combines them in real time based on the desired note using a reed knob for unprecedented realism. As a leader in the modeling industry, IK is no stranger to reproducing the finest details of an instrument with precision and care. In the case of Hammond, it’s tonal coloration, signature key click, iconic Hammond percussion and chorus-vibrato circuits with advanced controls for fine-tuning the instrument to your liking. All settings, controls and circuits have been modeled according to strict IK standards,


You can even simulate the effects of “aging” parts of the movement by controlling tonal balance, oscillator leakage and crosstalk, and even boosting chorus presence.


Live sound and genuine emotion – The Hammond B-3X controllers are designed to fully convey the feeling of playing a real classic organ, but with a slight nod to modern comfort. Almost every element, from the set order of chorus and vibrato settings to the position of the percussion switches, is exactly where it should be. The reed knobs update in real time as you select the inverted preset keys, allowing you to store up to 24 custom knob settings at each cutoff. During live performances, the “Controls” mode will hide the keyboard and increase the knobs along with the switches to help you focus on your performance. Also here are the assignable MIDI keys for the Hammond digital organs. Everything you need for a concert


Classic Organ Effects – The organ powers a 5-element pedal board in the STOMPS section with overdrive, graphic EQ, chorus vibrato, wah and spring reverb. Powered by award-winning IK AmpliTube and T-RackS software, these effects are carefully selected and ordered to make it easy to recreate the widest range of iconic organ sounds using the phonic wheels and can be assigned to MIDI control during performance.

经典的风琴效果-风琴的权力与超速档,图形EQ,合唱颤音,华和弹簧混响5元素踏板部分。由屡获殊荣的IK AmpliTube和T-RackS软件提供支持,这些特效经过精心挑选和订购,使您可以轻松地使用语音控制盘再现最广泛的标志性风琴声音,并可在演出期间分配给MIDI控制。

True Leslie® Sound – The signal is then sent to the CABS section, where you can select genuine Leslie amps and speakers and mix them along with the included parallel guitar amps and 4×12 cabinet. The Hammond B-3X cabinet section offers you an impressive array of customizations for your sound, thanks to the technology applied in the award-winning IK Leslie® Collection and amp modeling in AmpliTube 4.

真正的莱斯利® 声音-信号然后被发送到出租车部分,在那里你可以选择真正的莱斯利放大器和扬声器,并混合他们与包括平行吉他放大器和4×12柜。哈蒙德B-3X橱柜部分为您的声音提供了令人印象深刻的定制阵列,感谢获奖的IK Leslie中应用的技术® 放大管4中的采集和放大器建模。

Final Touch – Among other things, the Hammond B-3X features 3 studio rack effects from T-RackS to add a final polish to your sound. IK Limiter – The FET-based compressor delivers iconic, timeless sound, the EQ-81 adds a classic console-shaped tone and warmth, and digital reverb adds a sense of pure space to your tone.


No other digital organ offers such a complete view of Hammond’s legendary organ, from the initial sound generation to the full effects loop, with precise, detailed control all the way through. This, combined with our authentic Hammond brand, makes the Hammond B-3X a truly next-level virtual instrument.






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