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VocalSynth 2 – an immersive vocal experience that adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of new vocal possibilities.

VocalSynth 2–身临其境的声乐体验,可根据您的独特风格进行调整和发展,开启全新的声乐可能性世界。

Vocal Transform: Transform your vocals with the most unique plugin ever. Quickly get the vintage vocal sound you want, or create new wave vocals. Get lost in layers, textures, effects, blending and morphing in an experimental vocal playground and you’ll finally find you’ve discovered the secret that makes your vocals stand out. Choose and combine five unique vocal instruments or choose from hundreds of presets for a quick process.


Great Sound: VocalSynth has been reimagined to deliver better sound, faster than ever. Thanks to improvements in almost every aspect of the plugin, you won’t have a hard time finding your own unique sound no matter what genre you choose!




mixable , creative vocal modules: BIOVOX: Create and manipulate your natural vocal data with the new vocal module. Using scientific modeling of the human vocal tract, tune human vocal characteristics such as nasality, vowel response, and formant to give smooth, textured vocal processing to any audio signal. Use surgery to adapt, better fit your imagination, or use it as a creative effect to make vocals more real, breathable, or completely distort them!


VOCODER: A classic “talking synthesizer”, Vocoder gives you the vocal sounds you know and love on famous recordings like Michael Jackson’s “PYT”, with the ability to create something new. Choose from 10 different presets and three different vocoder types, as well as fine-tuning with the Shift and Scale controls. You’ve never seen Vocoder with this flexibility!


COMPUVOX: Commonly known as the Speak & Spell effect, Compuvox can digitize, split, reprogram, or otherwise computerize the sound of your voice. By using it gently, you can add interesting sonic quality to your sound. By increasing the settings, you can change your sound to almost unrecognizable levels of digital chaos.

COMPUVOX:通常称为Speak&Spell effect,COMPUVOX可以数字化、分割、重新编程或以其他方式将声音计算机化。轻轻地使用它,你可以给你的声音增加有趣的音质。通过增加设置,您可以将声音更改为几乎无法识别的数字混乱级别。

TALKBOX: Get the trendiest sounds with Talkbox, renowned by artists such as Stevie Wonder, The Who, Peter Frampton, Bon Jovi, Chromeo, Zapp and Roger (and many more). Talkboxes can be prohibitively difficult tools to master, but with VocalSynth, you can get that tight, classic tone at the touch of a button!

TALKBOX:通过TALKBOX获得最流行的声音,著名的艺术家有Stevie Wonder、the Who、Peter Frampton、Bon Jovi、Chromeo、Zapp和Roger(还有更多)。对讲机可能是难以掌握的工具,但使用VocalSynth,您只需按一下按钮就可以获得紧凑、经典的音调!

POLYVOX: polyphonic pitch shifter. Whether you want to create natural vocal harmonies reminiscent of a human choir, or the synchronized, grainy and computerized harmonies popularized by artists like Imogen Heap or even otherworldly sounds with shifted formants, the Polyvox voice generator is for you!


Effects: Enhance your vocal tracks further with a custom vocal effect chain. The VocalSynth 2 effects section now lets you reorder the modules!

效果:通过自定义人声效果链进一步增强您的人声轨迹。VocalSynth 2特效部分现在允许您重新排列模块!

Interactive Visualization: Experience colorful Anemone animations that move and grow with the shape of your audio signal. With advanced spectral analysis that reacts to the sound characteristic of vowels, Anemone associates animation with a unique audio signal measurement experience.


Plugin Integration: VocalSynth 2 works in the iZotope ecosystem of products through cross-platform communication. Like Neutron, Ozone and Tonal Balance Control, VocalSynth 2 provides seamless integration with essential tools for music production and analysis. VocalSynth 2 can be seen in Neutron 2’s Visual Mixer and Masking Meter, as well as Tonal Balance Control, allowing you to interact and receive real-time visual feedback.

插件集成:VocalSynth 2通过跨平台通信在iZotope产品生态系统中工作。像中子、臭氧和音调平衡控制一样,VocalSynth 2提供了与音乐制作和分析基本工具的无缝集成。Neutron 2的可视混音器和掩蔽计以及音调平衡控制中可以看到VocalSynth 2,允许您进行交互并接收实时视觉反馈。

3 Processing Methods: Three different modes allow you to interact with VocalSynth 2 in a way that suits your style. Helpful app setup guides tailored to your DAW make it easy for you to work and operate, so you can spend more time making creative decisions:

3种处理方法:三种不同的模式允许您以适合自己风格的方式与VocalSynth 2交互。为您的DAW量身定制的有用的应用程序设置指南使您的工作和操作更加轻松,因此您可以花更多时间做出创造性决策:

Auto: Match your vocals to key with real-time pitch correction, generate additional voices and harmonies, and seamlessly blend your module’s settings with VocalSynth’s intuitive control panel.


MIDI: Use MIDI to control pitch and effortlessly create custom vocal harmonies as you play. This replicates the experience of using a classic vocoder.


Side chain: Instead of using a synthesizer in VocalSynth, singing can be used as a carrier signal. This allows you to make any sounds “talk” or create new outlandish sounds that would not otherwise be possible.



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