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[合成/合成器/其它] Cherry Audio公司合成器+效果器集Synth+FX Bundle 共12个插件集合包2022.4最新版



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Synth Bundle bundles ten Cherry Audio virtual instruments at a surprisingly affordable price, including the Voltage Modular Core Electro Drums, DCO-106, CA2600, Surrealistic MG-1 Plus, Polymode, Eight Voice, PS-20, Memorymode, Mercury- 4 and the amazing new Quadra.

Synth Bundle以惊人的价格捆绑了十个Cherry Audio虚拟仪器,包括电压模块化核心电鼓、DCO-106、CA2600、超现实主义MG-1 Plus、多模式、八声、PS-20、Memorymode、Mercury-4和令人惊叹的新Quadra。

The CA2600 v1.2.0.103 is a powerful standalone duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. With powerful sound, a unique user interface and thoughtful bonus features, the CA2600 delivers an original 2600 experience like no other virtual instrument.

CA2600V1。2.0.103是一款功能强大的独立双音合成器,灵感来自开创性的ARP 2600合成器。凭借强大的声音、独特的用户界面和周到的附加功能,CA2600提供了无与伦比的原始2600体验。

The DCO-106.v1.2.0.52 is a stunning recreation of the much-loved Juno polyphonic synths of the 80s that are both easy to understand and powerful to learn, creating vast soundscapes, cutting lead sounds, warm and hazy pads, punchy synths. electric drums and more.


Dreamsynth v1.0.7.128 – Cherry Audio Dreamsynth is a tribute to the famous mid to late 1980s hybrid A/D synths. The innovative design combines flexible two-wave transform oscillators, stereo filters, fully polyphonic analog strings, extensive and easy-to-use modulation, studio-quality effects, and polyphonic aftertouch and MPE support, all in a sleek, vintage-style synth interface.

Dreamsynth v1。0.7.128–Cherry Audio Dreamsynth是对20世纪80年代中后期著名的混合a/D合成器的致敬。该创新设计结合了灵活的双波变换振荡器、立体声滤波器、全复调模拟弦、广泛且易于使用的调制、工作室质量的效果,以及复调后触摸和MPE支持,所有这些都在一个时尚的复古风格合成器界面中。

Eight Voice v1.2.0.107 – meticulously imitates the powerful sound of the Oberheim Eight Voice, one of the rarest and most coveted vintage instruments in the world. Prior to modern microprocessor control, its eight independent voice modules with two oscillators could be difficult to program. Eight Voice’s unique voice controls provide a simple and powerful grouping of voice module controls, eliminating the need to customize each module’s controls. Focus buttons let you instantly zoom in on any section of the user interface, while extremely flexible keyboard assignment modes provide endless possibilities for zoning and overlaying mono and multi keyboards.


Memorymode v. is based on the Memorymoog, one of the best-sounding polyphonic analog synthesizers of the 80s, and has been expertly modeled after an old instrument originally owned by jazz legend Chick Corea. It expands on the original without sacrificing the sound or functionality that made it great, and fixes reliability and setup issues. The user interface has been upgraded with quick and easy to use pop-up menus and an improved value display window.

Memorymode v.以MemoryMog为基础,MemoryMog是80年代声音最好的复调模拟合成器之一,并以爵士乐传奇奇克·科里亚(Chick Corea)最初拥有的一种旧乐器为原型进行了专业建模。它在不牺牲声音或功能的情况下扩展了原版,并修复了可靠性和设置问题。用户界面已经升级,具有快速易用的弹出菜单和改进的值显示窗口。

Mercury-4 v1.2.0.97 – emulates one of the best and fanciest polyphonic synthesizers of the late 1970s, the Roland Jupiter-4. The rarest and most sonically unique of the legendary Jupiter series, we have gone to great lengths to recreate every nuance of this beloved classic. Masterfully modeled after the vintage Jupiter-4, originally owned by Greg Hawkes of legendary 80s new wave rock band The Cars, the Mercury-4 improves upon the original with 16-voice polyphony, infinite patch storage, velocity sensitivity, MPE support, and more. others. We even paired it with a fantastic model of the classic Roland Space Echo tape delay!

水星4号。2.0.97–模仿20世纪70年代末最好、最奇特的复调合成器之一罗兰·朱庇特-4。作为传奇木星系列中最稀有、最独特的一款,我们竭尽全力重现这部深受喜爱的经典之作的每一个细微之处。Mercury-4以经典的Jupiter-4为蓝本,最初由80年代传奇新浪摇滚乐队the Cars的格雷格·霍克斯(Greg Hawkes)所有。Mercury-4以16声复调、无限的补丁存储、速度灵敏度、MPE支持等功能对原版进行了改进。其他的。我们甚至将其与经典罗兰太空回音磁带延迟的奇妙模型配对!

Polymode Synthesizer v1.2.0.54 – inspired by the innovative Moog Polymoog synthesizer. One of the world’s first polyphonic synthesizers, its unique implementation of multiple parallel filters and mod routing give it a sound unlike any other synthesizer. With a streamlined user interface and massive modulation capabilities, Polymode sets a new standard for animated, acoustically evolving string, pad, and choir tones.

多模式合成器v1。2.0.54–灵感来自创新的Moog Polymoog合成器。作为世界上最早的复调合成器之一,它独特的多个并行滤波器和mod路由实现使其声音不同于任何其他合成器。Polymode拥有流线型的用户界面和强大的调制功能,为动画、声学演变的弦乐、pad和合唱音调设定了新的标准。

PS-20 v1.2.0.98 is an ultra-realistic, polyphonic, hot-rod tribute to the famous Korg MS-20. First of all, the PS-20’s dual high- and low-pass filters reproduce the MS-20’s famous bawdy sound in all its squelching, screaming glory with great precision. Every part of the instrument has been enhanced with amazing features, including 16-note polyphony, a unique three-level eight-step sequencer with flexible CV outputs, integrated effects, and a simplified and improved patch panel section for a modular sound.

PS-20V1。2.0.98是对著名的Korg MS-20的超现实、复调、热棒致敬。首先,PS-20的双高通和低通滤波器以极高的精度再现了MS-20著名的淫秽声音,包括其静噪、尖叫的荣耀。该乐器的每个部分都经过了惊人的功能增强,包括16音复调、独特的三级八步音序器、灵活的CV输出、集成效果,以及简化和改进的配线架部分,以实现模块化的声音。

Quadra v1.0.4.75 – is an ultra-precise emulation of the ARP Quadra synthesizer, reproduced for the first time. We fixed the shortcomings of the original Quadra and greatly expanded it to provide an experience that is superior to the real game in every way. Each of its four sections can be independently assigned to any area of ​​the keyboard for endless splitting and layering flexibility. The overall sound quality has been improved for a richer, fatter tone. And not only have we made a killer emulation of the aforementioned built-in phaser effect, we’ve added stereo chorus/flanger, sync echo, and studio-quality reverb, all of which can be individually routed for unprecedented effect flexibility.

Quadra v1。0.4.75–是ARP Quadra合成器的超精密仿真,首次复制。我们修复了原始Quadra的缺点,并对其进行了极大的扩展,以提供在各个方面都优于真实游戏的体验。它的四个部分中的每一部分都可以独立地分配到​​键盘提供无限的分割和分层灵活性。整体音质得到改善,音质更丰富、更丰满。我们不仅对上述内置移相器效果进行了致命的模拟,还添加了立体声合唱/翻边、同步回声和工作室级混响,所有这些都可以单独布线,以实现前所未有的效果灵活性。

Rackmode v.1.0.6 – Rackmode Signal Processors is a set of seven virtual effects and an instrument plug-in that reproduce classic Moog rack signal processors from the 1970s and 80s. This exclusive collection represents the first time that an entire line of renowned analog treasures has been recreated as virtual effects. Rackmode also celebrates our latest collaboration with award-winning synthesizer

Rackmode v.1.0.6–Rackmode信号处理器由七种虚拟效果和一个仪器插件组成,再现了20世纪70年代和80年代的经典Moog机架信号处理器。这一独家收藏代表着第一次将一整套著名的模拟珍宝重新制作成虚拟效果。Rackmode还庆祝我们与获奖合成器的最新合作




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